I am Sarah Hall and I am running for Morinville Town Council.

I moved to Morinville, with my family, 7 years ago. We chose Morinville for many of the same reasons a lot of young families do. We wanted a safer, closer and more connected community than the city offers. We also wanted to own our own home at an affordable rate, good schools to send our children to and the chance to contribute and thrive amongst friends and neighbours.

We found all of that, and so much more in Morinville. My love for this town has never been a secret and I strive to make it better in any way I can, every chance I get. I have always lived by the mantra that ‘Life is what you make it’ and it’s that philosophy led me to create the Morinville Marvelous Moms group when I had difficulties finding my footing upon moving here. That was the catalyst to building the community life I always wanted for myself and my family. It started with genuine friendships with like minded individuals and the positive support system that stemmed from those connections. With a husband who worked away 2/3 of the time, those community relationships turned into my lifelines during our early years here. In turn, those connections turned into a personal passion for helping others find their footing and building up the community.

You can tell what I care deeply about, by how I choose to spend my time in our community, I feel strongly that one needs to get involved in the things you care about if you are to change anything at all. We need to be active, engaged citizens for communities to thrive. It is for this reason that I head the organization of MMM’s Adopt A Family every year and help give to support struggling families during the holiday season. It’s why I’ve served on Morinville Public School’s School Council executive for the past 5 years and lobbied for a new public school to be built in Morinville. It’s also why I’ve served on both the Morinville Art Club executive and the Sturgeon County United Nations International Woman’s Day Awards Committee for the past 4 years. I care about the realities facing our families in this economic downturn, about our most vulnerable citizens, about giving all our children the best education we can give them, about the importance of  arts, culture and history and I believe in the power of recognising, encouraging and uplifting each other.

I think our current council has done a great job in the past four years. For the first time, I felt engaged and included in the politics of my community. If elected, I would strive to continue to encourage and foster community engagement at the municipal level. Everyone has a voice, and it should be heard.

It is an exciting time to be a Morinville resident, we are rapidly growing and changing. The ground work has been laid for the building of the new arena and two new schools. I am eager to help navigate our growing town through the challenges it will face in the coming years. I know there will be many and I am ready to collaborate together and find solutions that work for the betterment of all citizens.


I am not the kind of person that shies away from hard work or doing the right thing, even if it’s unpopular. I will advocate for the wants and needs of my fellow citizens of Morinville to the best of my ability. It would be my honor to do so. I am asking you to choose me to be your voice… A Voice for Morinville Families.