(Equipment grant – remaining months) (monthly parcel fees – remaining months) – 75% – current balance Your agreement is with Vodacom (Pty) Limited. It consists of these V-Sim conditions and the V by Vodacom Charges Guide, which cover the connection fees of the V-SIM card, acceptable use and use has not in the country. We advise you to take a look at these documents from which your “agreement” is linked to us. For more information, please see Vodacom Charging Guide`s Agreement Guidelines and V. This agreement does not apply to connected devices or applications subject to additional conditions. The use of data, packages and price plans apply to standard AAPs-consumers, unless otherwise stated. New contract or upgrade, top up and uChoose customers are subject to credit review before approval. All post-paying agreements are subject to the signing of a 24-month Vodacom contract and a single SIM fee and R204 connection, unless otherwise stated. International use of calls and roaming is excluded from all inclusive services, unless otherwise stated. Declining migrations and cancellations can be punished with penalties. Not all monthly allowances included in your price plan can be transferred. If you want to cancel Vodacom, or if you are thinking about Vodacom phone contracts, you can call Vodacom on 082 111. Customers are charged for the amount of data that is sent and received, not the time associated with it, unless otherwise stated.

The transmission speed is not guaranteed and depends on the availability of the network and the capacity of the device. A compatible device is required for the use of LTE, 3G and HSDPA services. Prepaid, top-up and uChoose customers should ensure that their Airtime account balance is sufficient for downloads or other activities. Customers are not refunded when they try to download items and run out of money during the download, which ends the session. Data set: All ig-a-Data-Bundles once have a validity up to 23:59 of the 30th day from and including the day of purchase.