Inclusive Design – Consider the differences between individuals and groups in the design of something, such as the font. B, programs, school programs, building infrastructure to avoid proactive barriers. Gender-based harassment is a subset of sexual harassment. It refers to police behaviours and requirements that reinforce traditional heterosexual gender norms. Being a police officer is an opportunity for a difficult and rewarding career. A career in police work allows you to show our community that you are ready to stand up for what is right. Human rights have a quasi-constitutional status and are given priority in the event of conflict with other directives and requirements. If this policy conflicts with another policy or directive, including the collective agreement, the service will consider any changes or measures that may be necessary to bring them into line with human rights (in accordance with the negotiation process). The provisions of this directive do not affect a person`s right to exercise his or her rights in accordance with the collective agreement or the Ontario Human Rights Code. Please submit all full forms to Windsor Police at to apply for the cadet position. The Windsor Police Service is committed to hiring police cadets who respect our core values and demonstrate high ethical standards. This directive also applies to events that occur outside the physical workplace and have effects or effects in the workplace.

For example, business travel, social events or other service-related functions. Identification, development and implementation of processes to address behaviours, approaches and practices that may violate the human rights of workers and service-related individuals. All ongoing training initiatives will emphasize that human rights policies and programs are consistent with the objectives of the Windsor Police Service. Initial and ongoing training of service members includes programs that address human rights issues and help members deal with these competing human rights claims with care and put in place resolutions that best reconcile competing claims. With regard to reconciliation tools, a careful examination of the claims related to the actual existence of a collision between human rights and where it actually exists may include the search for win-win resolutions beyond the collision of claims, the identification or prioritization of certain claims on the basis of urgent factors and the search for acceptable compromises and concessions. The Windsor Police Service`s motto, Honour in Service, refers to our organizational commitment to community safety in the City of Windsor through exceptional professional service. Any form of discrimination on protected grounds is prohibited, whether direct or indirect, intentional or not. This directive is against discrimination, is approved, tolerated, ignored, adopted or ratified and is established following an investigation taking into account all relevant factors mentioned in this policy. The service takes all necessary steps to review and correct all claims that occur. A complaint of reprisals may be filed in accordance with Directive 361-04 and persons who take enforcement action are subject to disciplinary action until they are discharged. These forms of social discrimination lead to or contribute to direct and systemic discrimination and harassment within organizations. The Strategy will include a provision to identify new human rights issues in areas such as accountability, housing, recruitment, training and communication, and the development of appropriate procedures.

Humor or coarse and vulgar language in relation to systemic or institutional sexual discrimination – Consists of behaviours, policies or practices that are part of the social or administrative structures of an organization