(i) after preliminary review of all offers or offers offered by the user, as the most favorable brand product. B, and quickly check all cheaper offers or offers on the basis of easily identifiable value indicators, such as past services, warranty conditions and maintenance availability; or (d) BPAs must be created without an order request and after contacting the supplier, in order to make the necessary arrangements for 13,401 Generalities. (a) The quick payment procedure allows payment under limited conditions to a contractor before the government verifies whether supplies have been received and accepted. The procedure provides for the payment of supplies on the basis of the contractor submitting an invoice certifying that the holder has delivered the supplies to a post office, a common carrier or a first point of receipt by the government; and (2) Replaces, repairs or corrects deliveries that are not received at the destination, that are damaged during transport or that do not comply with sales contracts. b) The contractor is primarily responsible for determining the amount of debts resulting from the inability of contractors to properly replace, repair or correct lost, damaged or non-compliant deliveries, damaged or non-compliant (see points 32,602 and 32.603). 13.402 Terms of use. Where the terms and conditions of paragraphs (a) to f) of this section are available, the quick payment procedure may be applied, provided that the application of the procedure is in accordance with the other terms of the purchase. The conditions for the rapid payment procedure are: (a) individual purchasing instruments do not exceed $35,000, except that executive agencies may authorize, on a case-by-case basis, greater dollar restrictions for certain activities or positions. (b) deliveries are made in places where there is both a geographical separation and the lack of adequate means of communication between the government`s receiving and payment activities, which make timely payment impractical on the basis of evidence of the government`s agreement. c) delivery to the government has passed – 1. If delivered to a post office or a common carrier for transit or shipment to the destination; or (2) at receipt by the government, if the mail is carried out by means other than the mail or the common carrier. (d) The supplier undertakes to replace, repair or correct deliveries that have not been received at the destination, have been damaged during transportation, or do not meet purchase requirements.

(e) the purchase instrument is a fixed-price contract, an order or a delivery order for deliveries.